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Tom & Jerry might be better friends

This was the original statement. The riposte was this.

My Response: I totally disagree with both the arguments. I disagree with your argument with the example on redesigning a programming language, but as such to redesign anything one has to know what it is, in which case the international students would have done good enough based on what you say. The lateral thinking that the american students do exhibit might not necessarily be attributed to the parenting. The schooling here might also be good and something might be lacking in the system as such. How is it related to parenting per say? My second question is Dr. Chua too based her argument on just an example of her daughter learning piano. It can be extended to any sphere of life. Suppose none of the grad schools give a student X an admit, but still he is interested in studying further? Does it mean he is bad? His application might have been pathetic, his grades might have been bad for which he can re-take his SAT or GRE again. He might just have to re-write his admission essays again and come up with a better product. He still does have in interest to study. In such a case a Dr. Chua’s example works fine. Just keep trying if you really are passionate about it. May be that is what Dr. Chua was trying to inculcate in her daughter. Nothing is impossible, and just keep trying – eventually you will succeed. That being the case, one just have to keep encouraging their child in every possible manner. If the mother as an adult gives up thinking may be the child is not fit for it, where will the child have the motivation? Not just piano. As I said that example can be applied to all the spheres! May be a middling path would work coz the lines that both you and Dr. Chua are trying to fit are bound to have outliers! A least squares anyone?

As they say in tamizh, eliyum punnayum pola sandai potukaraanga about a moral duty! Enna kalaai pa.


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