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Son of Adhiratha

As I was reading Mahabharat, I noted that Karna as a character in the entire piece of work literally fades away towards the end – around the time Kurukshetra war begins. Now up until then there are quiet a few powerful interactions between him and the others. These were well depicted both in the version of Mahabharat I read, and also in Palace of Illusions. Also they were well adapted in a couple of movies based on Mahabharat. But what was a serious let down was the way the character was etched towards the end of the piece of work once the actual battle begins. An emotional wreck who battles on bravely! Just does not cut it I say!


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  1. RA

    To me, Karna(Radheya) is a character built with the sole purpose to be used as a wormhole.
    1) Man of divine birth but doesnt know his identity until its late..
    2) Gets a great tutor but gets cursed at the end of his education..
    3) Technically given protection by sun-god but thats later taken away by Indra..
    4) His mom later realizes he is the heir to the throne but doesnt want to announce it publicly..
    5) He was equally skilled in justice to Yudhishtira, archery to Arjuna but his affinity to the friendship with Duryodhan was his breaking point.
    6) He could still have killed Arjuna in the war but Krishna, sun god do some tricks and bring sunset early ending that days fight!
    etc etc..

    Basically its an almost perfect character but is stripped of the qualities for one reason or the other!!

    Overall he is a poor dude used as a punching bag by everyone and finally gets killed..

    The only good thing (or maybe not) that character got was that it was played by Sivaji in the Tamil version of the movie.. 😛

    And oh my god! Krishna is one tricky fellow! Got away with a lot of stuff just because he is a divine incarnation!

    December 3, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    • viswajithkn

      totally agree.

      December 11, 2010 at 7:22 am

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