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Who is to be blamed?

The boards who pay meagre salaries to players in these countries? The Cricketing world? The corresponding governments? The players on whom there are allegations? You? Me?

The list just keeps going on and on. They were left isolated. Most of them were prevented from earning their daily bread and unlike most of the other nations these guys were not given a fair chance but for in major tournaments! I think in the end the latest fiasco to rock the cricketing world was bound to happen. The only other way to earn some quick quid (allegedly again, it has not been proven!) is with YOU KNOW WHAT! When IPL time comes we do not give them the visa. That is one way to earn some good money. No one visits the neighbour coz of some security concerns. Everyone else (I mean other cricketing nations) does tour India inspite of our country having faced similar concerns/issues. Why target one set of players and one country alone?

We pushed them to a corner. Why do I use the word we? For all the above reasons. It is alleged of course. Legally nothing is proven until everyone has concrete evidence/proof. But it does seem to be an obvious way to make a quick buck when such scorching talent is not rewarded monetarily too. To me it just seems to be a vicious circle. The characters in this soap opera might also include some boards and people from our own countries. Some of them might be equally culpable!


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