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I am not OK with people complaining abt chennai/India when they go on a vacation from European countries/USA. Yes Chennai is more crowded. More populated that it was 10 years back. Its hot. And supposedly there are lots of beggars in India who come and spit in your food when you are eating at a road side dhabba. ROFL. This last point made me laugh like nything. These points may be right, may not be. But I was in Chennai in February and I did not find any of this happening to me. Add to this another point – Chennai is super hot and gives you an asthma if you are outside for even just a minute. Am like wtf. To me absurdity has its limits but this was way beyond it. Was Chennai ever not crowded? You probably will have to go to early 90’s to even make such a statement. Was it hot? It was always. Am not being a patriot here. Am just being practical and making a statement that every place will have its share of positives and negatives. If you look at it that way even New York is just as crowded. Times Square is just as crowded. It is absurdly cold in New York and some other parts of USA during certain times of the year. If I were to complain about each and every place I live in, all I will end up doing is crib in my life. Not at all worth it.


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  1. am happy they say all these things about dear madras.let them hate it. dont come here please. otherwise they will come here and kill it like they killed blore. madras has its own identity. its down to prejudices. and when someone says bad stuff about chennai i agree and tell them never to come here.free

    June 17, 2010 at 11:58 pm

    • viswajithkn

      like that comment.

      June 18, 2010 at 12:10 am

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