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There are 4-5 characters in this story.

A – team lead

B – the next senior guy in the team

C- the girl who started work 2 months back

D- the guy who started work a month back

A and B being the seniors show their seniority by ragging C and D as if C and D were a couple. D took it casually but little did he realize that  C was this extremely sensitive naive person.

Scene I

One day C could not tolerate whatever A and B were saying and all of a sudden shouts at D. The catch here is this scene happens in the office (and as they say in hindi movies – bhari adalat ke saamne usne D ka mazaak udaaya). So C looks at D and shouts “I do not have any feelings for you!). For a minute D does not understand what hit him, and when he comprehends what exactly happened he is lost for words. Meanwhile A and B are having a whale of a time acting like the innocent bystanders. D after a minute or so cannot stop ROFLing on the floor for according to D, even if he were given some billions of dollars and asked to love the girl C he would not have. Not because of some great dosti or anything again as in hindi movies, but because to be honest D never thought of C as more than a colleague or at the max a friend.

Scene II

So with D still recovering from the shock he got a couple of weeks back, a shock that was accentuated by A and B pulling the mickey on him time and again with that “I do not have feelings for you” line, the scene shifts to when D took a day off. C looks at A and B and says, I miss D when he is not at work. When A and B laugh at this comment, C says why are you guys teasing me with him?

Scene III

So such friendly banter continues, when until the death knoll is stuck on D’s birthday. He gets a birthday card from C which he politely accepts. A week or so later everyone notices that the card is still at D’s desk, and C asks D on why he did not take the card home. D says that now that the card is his he can do whatever he wants to with it and uses it to keep his brand new touch phone from getting scratched. C does not let go and asks why D is not taking the card home. D gets irritated and as if to show that he can be just as crazy at times, goes ahead, tears the birthday card, and trashes it. C starts crying, shouts at D for being a jerk, idiot, a lunatic, a psycho, yada yada and D is not even allowed to respond. D gets bugged and leaves work for a break. D is fed up with C’s stupid comments. That evening A makes fun of D jovially when D laughs, but A then adds, if you think you are safe beta, may be you should go visit the other department. C has gone and told people there that you tore a card, a birthday card she gave and is crying out there asking “why should he tear a birthday card given by me?”. D is stunned. The next day when D visits the other department people ask him if C has a secret crush on D. D is dumbfounded at his plight and just laughs it off. All the while B is around too and cannot stop laughing.

A and B just keep pulling D’s leg at this funny turn of events. At the end of the day D just finds the entire story too funny and has a good laugh about it with his friends. 🙂


2 responses

  1. It seems like C is a stupid girl and D is a mean guy… I hope you are not one of the characters of the story 😉

    January 8, 2010 at 10:48 am

    • viswajithkn

      well…I am one of the characters of the story!

      January 8, 2010 at 10:50 am

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