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The following is what I had commented on Mad Momma’s post about the entire telengana thing!

We criticize the politicians, all of us blame them about the way things are run in our country. Can I just add some fuel to the fire in this comments section and ask one question? The NRI’s seem to be spending money to the cause of seperate Andhra if I read the comments right! Why can’t they spend atleast a shilling out of that for the development of the telengana region? Having lived there for like some 3 years when I was a young kid, I still do remember how underdeveloped the place compared to the standards in other cities even 10 years back. Some might even say that they donate for NGO’s which work in that region. But do they ever care about visiting ground zero and see how the donations are used? Its just a question out of curiosity!. After all a politician is just another pawn in the larger scheme of things! Why blame him? We are the one’s who vote for people like him. Let me go a step further and add something MM with your permission: All of us including me, just crib about the fact that the system or the politicians are all screwed up. I just wonder, how many of us would be ready to go to the actual region and try to contribute in some way. We comment on blogs, we do have public forums where a couple of celebrities and a journalist turn up and comment, but a couple of months down the line everything would be normal again. People always comment on how screwed up politicians are. But I am of the opinion that, if we think the politicians are screwed up, why not us take things in to our hand and try developing the region? Or try entering politics. That way we will have sensible people in the system and people who are literate actually. Serves a double purpose!

I did not feel that it was worth blogging about the entire issue after ranting out on “Mad Momma’s” blog.  😛


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