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Slaughter? My foot!


Before I go on to and elucidate my thoughts I request those reading this post to look through that article on Hindu. To be honest my response was “What the fuck!” I admit I swear a lot but this was one instance which really left me wondering “has the world gone insane…”. There might be some who think I am mad but being an advocate and user of homeopathy medicine right from my childhood I was irritated with that article and the judgement. Here is what got me all worked up after reading that article:

  • It is a parent’s choice to decide on what kind of treatment his/her kids receive. If they decide that homeopathy was the best way ahead to cure their daughter’s skin eczema whats wrong with it? It was their faith in the chosen method of treatment that resulted them in deciding on that path of cure for their daughter.
  • I agree that they might have misjudged the seriousness of their daughter’s infection. But does it mean that they deliberately wanted the kid to die? As far as I can think of, no sane parent would wish for that. And whatever I read from the article gave me the impression that these parents are not insane.
  • There are instances when there have been deaths after using other treatment methods too. For example say if a person has a heart attack and his kith and kin choose to take him to a doctor who recommends conventional medicine. But say if within a couple of weeks the person has a stronger heart attack. Does it mean that the doctor’s recommended medicine was wrong? In that case shouldn’t the doctor be bought in for questioning and arrested for man-slaughter? I bring this point because I have lost my near and dear in the not so distant past in spite of him receiving conventional medicine – allopathy. So which category does this fall under? Man-slaughter? Wrong judgement? Incompetency?
  • There are tonnes of such similar cases through out the world. Accepting this as a precedent lets just wonder about the number of man slaughter cases pending.

I am not defending the parents for they can be questioned of being wrong in their judgement about their daughter’s infection. All I am saying is these things are totally subjective. One cannot set a binary rule over here wondering if the parent did treat his kid correctly or did he not. Not everyone will agree with a parent with what he wants for his son or daughter.  At least during the initial formative years of a kids life. Will the judiciary around the world apprehend every parent if it does not agree with the parent’s decisions? That seems absurd to me which is what the above article is.


2 responses

  1. I don’t agree with all your views. I used to believe completely in Ayurveda until a doctor was treating my mom for something that which turned out to be cancer. In modern medicine, it is something that they foresee with those symptoms. Not that the first Allopathy practitioner identified it correctly, but she should have been sued anyway. So atleast to identify the reasons, I totally think the modern approach is better. And parents need to be responsible enough to make the right choice for their child. *Especially* for new borns. The thing is, parents intentionally abusing their child is not too uncommon in some parts of the world and therefore something like this is cause for suspicion, not investigating it is not practical. I am assuming they are innocent and I cannot bring myself to think of what they are going through now 😦 A prelim unbiased investigation might have saved them lots of agony 😦
    But a sad truth is that we have stopped rigorously researching and developing our age old techniques in which we have only “faith”. If we wish to continue to use them, we must use all the current day advancements that we have at our disposal and bring our medicines up to date with present day diseases and modern test equipment. I hope that is what people take away from the article.

    October 4, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    • viswajithkn

      Ok. You are correct to an extent. Obviously as a corollary I should add that I assumed Parents are infallible. Again I believe that the parents make certain choices believing that it would be right though they in retrospect some of those decisions might be incorrect. Yet again correct incorrect, right wrong beyond a point is subjective. For all we know the parents might themselves be feeling guilt and remorse beyond question. That being the scenario in this particular case what is the point in the court punishing them? Are they not setting a precedent? Should they not punish doctors who are not able to treat their patients properly? And it indeed is a question of faith and belief because the parent might have had some success or experience in treating a similar case using homeopathy and might have believed that whatever course of treatment he had chosen might heal his daughter.

      October 4, 2009 at 8:45 pm

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