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Sorry for the foul language usage but the ongoings in India pains me a lot. Some girls dance in a pub! A group who call themselves protectors and saviours of the moralities come and ransack the pub. First of all, who the heck is this sena group to question others activities? Even am not a big fan of pub going culture but that is my opinion. That does not give me the right to go and slam dunk every other person who goes to a pub or who drinks. My question is where did these so called saviours go three months back when part of Mumbai was being burnt to dust? And now there is all this hue and cry about Valentines day. Now let me drop in my two cents about the same.  Again I believe the whole idea of Valentines day is bull shit. I mean why have a special day for u r loved one or lover or the special one when there is a decent chance that you might spend the rest of the life with that one person? 😛 Other than that the sena folks seem to be on a war path again with their own bull crap against this bull shit! Can’t a couple walk around hands in hand in India? To be more specific can’t 23 something take his 23 something girlfriend out to a movie without wondering on what exactly the sena has got planned? Thrashing girls, ransacking public places, and there is not a single politician to question these ppl.  Their stupidity knows no bounds I suppose.

From one thing to something other totally and diametrically opposite. We talk about the financial mess the entire world is in right now. In fact I have read articles which begin questioning the very base and foundation up on which the economies of most of the countries are built. Yet in such conditions there are people who take bonuses counting on to millions. Consider this to be the frustration of a simple yet enigmatic worker. To top it all almost a couple of million dollars for players like Flintoff and Kevin Pieterson to play in IPL. I thought we Indians had some brains. This proves that any such notion of mine was stupid. Oh dear Mr. Mallaya or somayaa or ramayaa..think about using a couple of dollars and doing something useful for the illiterates in India rather than spending millions on worthless leagues and bikini babe calendars.

Nothing more to add today…and yeah I will blog more regularly…:P


One response

  1. oh in that sena case, people didn’t keep quiet…
    they started a ‘pink chaddi campaign’!
    I am not sure if it will make any difference but nevertheless, its a refreshing change!

    October 5, 2009 at 2:12 pm

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