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Qualifications for being an MP or an MLA!

This is a random post meaning no offense to anyone in politics. Come on, everyone is entitled to his opinion. Here goes:

  1. You must have been a film actor or actress. Classic examples: Jayalalitha, MGR, and now Sanjay Dutt. In fact during the last Lok Sabha elections I remember even actresses like Nagma, Celina Jaitley, Roja campaigning for some party or the other.
  2. You must have some kind of a criminal record, against you. Again some names do come to mind which I guess the readers would be knowing and do not require an encore.

Sorry guys for not posting more frequently. No new idea has popped in to that idiotic brain of mine. Neither have I had much time as work keeps me occupied during the weekdays and during the weekends I hate sitting in front of the computer. 😛 I see one or two of you smirking from the corner. But hey thats me!


One response

  1. Very True.
    There is one more qualification, u have to contradict your own statements. For that u need to be mindless & of course being mindless is a prerequisite for a politician.
    To sum up a politician needs to be a nut, adept at creative destruction.

    Seems u are going through bloggy blues……!!!!

    January 19, 2009 at 3:53 pm

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