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Feeling sorry for oneself!

There are often times in life when individuals might feel sorry for themselves. Feel sorry for the way they lead their life, feel sorry for the way they act in a group, or feel sorry for not living up to the expectations of the junta! Though I have learnt a lot over the last one year leading a life in a country miles away from my homeland, the one very strong lesson that I have imbibed is that one should shed this tag of “Feeling sorry for himself/herself!” and get on with life. Yeah all said and done it is tough to come out off it…But then, if we end up drowning in it, life becomes tougher. An individual is what he is. He should feel proud of what he is. There have been plenty of times over the last one year when I have asked myself the all important question, “Why am I like this? What’s wrong with me?” But it takes some time before I get to realize that, “If I were not like this, I would not have my own individuality.” This was most prevalent over the summer that has just passed by. Most of the days, I would return home dejected and absolutely wondering on why I chose my current line of research in something where I was not at all strong. Then everything changed over a period of a month and a half and my world had turned upside down. Reason being? My boss passed a comment about the way I work! I felt like I was slapped on the face. He then set me a deadline which he thought was fair enough (and which I thought I was sure I will not meet). I did take responsibility for what had happened till then. Slowly things started to fall in place. Ideas started popping up. I started doing things in my research which I never believed I was capable of. Slowly my confidence started soaring and believe it or not, I not only met the deadline he had set for me, but I had achieved my goal three days before the stipulated date. Again, this positive surge in my research was mainly because I decided that I had enough of the “feeling sorry for myself” thing. No longer did I cry and wonder about why I chose the current research line. Instead I chose to face the challenge head on. May be this is what pundits call “Rising to the occasion”. These few months have taught me to be a leader for myself. I need not lead a whole country or a state or a small township. I needed to lead myself in order to be successful. Sometimes some of us may feel horrible when we have a bad day at work etc…That does not mean the end of world. The only companion during these kinds of times will be our own inner self. Friends will be there to listen to our problems. But they cannot solve our problems. The individual, who suffers, is the one who has to solve them. And once that is done, he can hold his head high and move on…Being brave and facing the problems head on is something that develops in an individual over a period of time. Instead if the person acts as a coward and remains scared and indecisive during the tough times, the world is bound to gobble him. He will just be another one among the many!


3 responses

  1. Red Phoenix

    The right boost for me at the right time for my life. Thanks for that. I feel real sorry for myself, for Y I am like this, and now I feel – Y should I be sorry for someone else’s mistakes. I am good and theres always good about my life. Thanks again dude…. My wishes for more ‘Rising to the occasion’ incidents in ur life. I shall be there when u need someone to help….

    September 6, 2007 at 1:42 am

  2. Filarial

    Kallakare chandru!!

    September 8, 2007 at 2:04 pm

  3. nishant

    Perfect, so true, its working with me too….but, I have never felt sorry b4, this is the first time I am feeling sorry abt myself…..

    check that out n ma blog…

    September 15, 2007 at 6:01 pm

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