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The interminable wait is almost over! A wait that lasted for over two years! But then there is also a grieving feeling within me that this will be the last time I wait. Yes! You guessed it right. This post is all about HARRY POTTER. I do not know whether to feel sad or to feel happy. For I know that most of the questions will be answered in the last book (which if you do not know is due in 10 days). But after this, I will not have to wait for another book. I will not have the enthusiasm and curiosity on what exactly will be happening in the next book. May be I will wait for the movies, and believe me, even though the movies are great, they do not take you into that magical world as the books do. And in fact most of those who are reading this post will probably belittle me as being a Potter fanatic or a “freak”. Who cares? Preordering the book months ago on amazon, trying to write my own fic, and talking over phone and wasting money basically discussing on what will happen in the last book, reviewing the movie etc…might be heights of joblessness. Stuff which I think I will miss after a couple of weeks. Hope the book betters the previous one which was the darkest till then! Never before in my life have I waited with such curiosity and expectation. It will be fun when people who have not even read the books try criticizing the author and the millions of fans. Of all, it will be really fun when my friends who do not follow the series try to pull my leg! From being a guy who thought Harry Potter was crap to a guy who adores the books, the transition has been remarkable. All over a course of 3 months! Now it has come to a point where I would have read each book a minimum of 4 times. Again, I changed two of my best friends. Two people who laughed at me for reading these books, have now themselves gone to pre-order them. People who ridicule me will always be there! That is what makes this wait all the more fun. Potter has cast a spell on me too. And I am happy to be under the influence of potteromania.


2 responses

  1. Filarial

    machaan i did all of the same things in ditto detail!!

    by the by OOTp aweome a eruku!!

    July 13, 2007 at 7:12 am

  2. arul

    enna kodumai sir idhu………….

    July 13, 2007 at 5:31 pm

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