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A different attempt!!!

I am going to try something different while blogging for the first time…Two parts in a same blog. Two totally different issues! But trying to deal in the same blog! And yes you guessed it write. This sort of idea stuck me from the trend in Bollywood where people are starting a trend of multiple stories in a single movie.


Headlines Today

Here is a small part of what is increasingly becoming a part of the daily news being broadcasted on TV by the various channels.

Newsreader: Namaskaar, main Sandhya Shrivastav aaj ke chatpati aur taaza khabar lekar aayee hoon. Sabse pehle Surkhiyaan…

1. Baghdad mein aaj Id ke din ek sau dus logon ki hathyaa…

2. Bharat me sabheen vidhyalai me 75 phisadhi aarakshan kee aayojnaa aur thodi hi dino me parliament me pesh kiyaa jaayega, keh rahein apne Shishu shiksha mantra…

3. Kolkota me apne pradaan manthri ji ek samaaroh me Infosys ki ek nayi office ki udghaatan ki hai. Lekin pehle hi din sabhi karamchaari strike ke kaaran kaam pe nahi aaye…

4. “Main 2011 ke vishw cup me bhaaratiy team ki captaanee karma chahtha hoon…” Sachin Tendulkar ki sansani interview…

5. Bollywood me shaadi karne ke liye agli number kiski?

These are the ingredients of what in essence has become a clichéd recipe called DAILY NEWS. Everything tastes the same but with different names. What a cliché! Where has the media come to? And I suppose most of us do enjoy these sorts of news write ups. What is a life without a bit of gossip about the big celebrities?


Ramblings of a bored soul!

A couple of days back I was having a discussion with my friend on a certain topic – Independence. Now I am not talking about the August 15 or July 4. Occasionally if other people have to adjust in order to accommodate me, I do hate it. Even if those people are my family! It sort of makes me feel dependent on them. And that is something I want to avoid. Call it my ego, or whatever. And the reply that I got from my friend was, “Would you adjust your lifestyle to accommodate some changes?” And of course without thinking I did answer yes. I totally did not understand the direction of the conversation…Forget the rest…it went over my head. What I essentially mean is that I can manage things on my own and I do not need a third a person to change their lifestyle to humor me. This was what happened when I went to meet a relative of mine recently. A similar example to this is when I talk with my parents. When we pursue a master’s degree in a country that is freaking costly, always takes its toll financially. And most of our parents bear it admirably at least the initial part of it. But then most of us do manage our finances and are well off as we settle in. But then I get irritated sickeningly when people ask me whether I am well off and am able to manage the finances etc. Especially if people keep asking the same thing again and again every week! I appreciate the concern, but common when will people let go of me? Don’t they know that I would be on their doorstep if I need any help? That is the extent of change in me. Another change I have been noting in me is that I am beginning to give up on others very easily. Again it is a sort of, “It is your decision. Not mine! So do what you want and do not repent what you have done later.” Even amongst people who are really close to me I am sort of becoming nonchalant towards them. I do not know why. I like people who do things because of their interest in them. I hate people who do certain things just in order to please someone. I like people owning up to responsibilities. I like people who learn to accept mistakes. I end it here. Friends and foes will once again ridicule what has been written, or find something wrong with what has been written. But if people do understand that owning up to responsibilities and accepting mistakes in once life is not the easiest thing to do in life, they would understand what I mean.


3 responses

  1. Desiguy

    Thats sheer rambling….. Great skill to have buddy….

    May 31, 2007 at 9:10 pm

  2. Filarial

    I tht u were supposed to connect the two..:P

    June 6, 2007 at 1:24 am

  3. Viswajith

    well i did mention that it was our desi ishtyle..dats y no connection…:D

    June 6, 2007 at 1:44 pm

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