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My Love…

Some four lines in my previous post really spiced the blog up I guess. Everyone has taken a guess. A couple of guesses where close enough. A couple, wayward…and some to the point of hopelessness. So who is the person? Well, for all those who expected the name of some beautiful chic looking babe, you guys are wrong. To be frank even though I do feel lonely occasionally that does not mean am looking for some dream girl. I was talking about…Some friends of mine though came close enough telling that I would have been interested in books. To be exact the answer is not even “books”. My fascination towards Image Processing kept on growing over the past few months. And a few days back when I was playing games on Play Station J and also a formula 1 game on my room mates’ laptop, I was really impressed by how good the virtual world that these people create is. The resemblance between the real world and these virtual worlds was spot on. And to create such a virtual world, you require knowledge on something called Computer Vision which in turn brings us back to Image Processing. One makes use of the other. That is how these two fields work. It did not require a couple of games on the Computer to make me realize that the people designing these kinds of stuff are gods in their respective fields. But it did hit me hard when I realized that the field in which I was working would ultimately yield such stuff. In the animation and graphics that most of us are impressed with in the movies, especially when the modern day technology brings out virtual impossibilities in the real world, on to the reel world, I was awestruck. So this love of mine developed over the past four months. Though it was there in front of my eyes right from my younger days when I was playing games on the Computer, it is only that the pea brain has finally realized what can be done. And I hope that I can maintain this love of mine for the rest of my life. I do sincerely hope that whatever is this thing between us, it develops into something more beautiful. I want to be one of the best in this field. At times when I used to be bogged down, starting to work on some new project and assignment and obtaining the desired results kept me going. I am not boasting and neither is this the place to do so. But I am speaking out the truth. I am not surprised that I have been always impressed with these sorts of virtual worlds and now ultimately fate has landed me on the doorstep to this wonderful technology. Let me see how far I can go in this field, and how successful I will be…It’s more of a question on how much effort I am willing to put in. And I think I am more than capable of giving my 100%.


2 responses

  1. Desiguy

    Good that u finally found ur passion in a hobby. Remember, never give up that hobby. Just have fun with it.. It really brings ur best out. This way u even churn out to be imaginative and well controlled in real time hardships.. Anyway, u did bring some hope in me that loving wasnt tough. I am wishing u luck for some real love too… 🙂

    May 14, 2007 at 1:08 pm

  2. Raghav

    You have a passion for creativity!!
    i always knew u were a good drawer!!!! …he..he..

    May 18, 2007 at 5:41 am

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