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Thirst & Hunger Photo by Viswajith Karapoondi Nott — National Geographic Your Shot

Thirst & Hunger Photo by Viswajith Karapoondi Nott — National Geographic Your Shot.



I think I might be the least qualified to give an opinion on the state of affairs with the Indian Cricket team down under. But I do know one thing for sure. Most of the commentators and Indian media going ballistic over the performance needs to get their own perspective right. Yes India have been the team to give Australians a tough time in most of the series. But that is were it stops. Even with the better teams in 2007 and 2003, we have not been that great in Australia. And the manner in which some of the experts are commenting and rooting for changes, one would wonder if they were part of great teams to visit from the sub continent. But naah. Yes Australia are weaker than they used to be, but so is India. We do not have a Kumble to tie down one end. We do not have a Ganguly to meet the challenge head on. We have a middle order that is beginning to re build. Our two spinners are on their first tours down under – one who made his test debut hardly couple of months back, and the other who is yet to cement a place in the team. And the less we talk about our pace attack the better. My only prayer would be that we do not lose any of them to injury before the end of the tour. It is time we have our own reality check. It is time we realize that the most important thing at the moment is for the team to win at least at home. For if we start getting beat even at home, with the advent of IPL for all we know Indian cricket might go down the route of Carribean Cricket. And the next generation of kids would start looking at other sports like formula 1, soccer and cricket might end up losing it’s sporting monopoly in India.


Its good while it lasts but will it last? Or is it the media as usual showcasing it as a soap opera / or a Karan Johan sob story?


Am sorry. Pardon me for all the uncouth lingo am going to use. Mayiru pudingees…pottai thevidiyas….baadus…You folks are trying to celebrate diwali a good coupla months earlier than scheduled. You folks are causing a good deal of noise pollution. There are no more words to describe your acts. There would be innocent ppl in your collection. Freaking assholes.